stock-photo-confused-brunet-female-appli-1018152-268302-edited.pngNearly 60 percent of job seekers feel they’ve had a bad experience, according to a new survey — and it can affect your chance of getting qualified job applicants in the future.

Organizations that are focused on building a solid employment brand may be concerned to hear 72 percent of the job seekers who felt discouraged by the applicant process have shared their frustrations — either to a colleague or friend or via an employer review or social networking site.

Responding to candidates in a timely manner may quell some negative feelings.

Eighty-five percent of job seekers say they doubt a human being ever reviewed their application, due to a lack of communication; 80 percent say they’d be hesitant to consider other openings at a company that hadn’t notified them about their job application status.

Many employers likely have no idea candidates are so perturbed because 78 percent job applicants say they’ve never been asked to provide feedback.

Find out more about the study, published by research firm Future Workplace and HR technology provider CareerArc, to learn how much employers plan to invest in the job candidate experience and other applicant process insights.