Employees, however, aren’t shying away from logging on when outside of the office.

stock-photo-business-cyber-protection-we-1878499-067263-edited.pngIT professionals consider IoT devices to be the most vulnerable to Wi-Fi-based attacks — yet 50 percent of organizations have them connected to their Wi-Fi network, according a new survey that highlights some of IT professionals’ biggest concerns.

Ninety-two percent of IT professionals worry about the security risks involved in using public Wi-Fi on company-owned devices; yet employees at 61 percent of organizations connect the devices to public networks when working in hotels, airports, cafés and other locations.

Twelve percent of organizations have experienced a security incident involving employees using public Wi-Fi. That number, however, may actually be higher. Thirty-four percent say they aren’t sure if an incident has occurred because it may have gone undetected or unreported.

IT professionals also feel uneasy about IP-enabled controllers, such as smart lights and thermostats. More than half — 52 percent — identify the controllers as being very to extremely vulnerable to Wi-Fi-based attacks. More than 35 percent of IT professionals also believe wearables and sensors are highly vulnerable.

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