With some of the outrageous interview behavior they’ve seen, that may not be so surprising.

stock-photo-smiling-businessman-holding--997193-894334-edited.pngNearly half (49 percent) of employers say they know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good or bad fit for a position; only 8 percent take a half hour or longer to decide, according to a new survey.

Employers and hiring managers who participated in the survey also shared some of the most unusual things candidates have done during the interview process — such as asking if the interviewer was qualified, wearing slippers to an interview, arriving in a Darth Vader costume and breaking into song mid-conversation.

Interviewers also said candidates had asked to taste their coffee during a job interview, requested a cocktail and offered them pumpkins because they transfer good energy.

Hiring professionals ranked lying, however, over any of those social blunders as the top interview error that will cost a candidate a position. Answering a cell phone or texts during a job interview was ranked second, followed by seeming arrogant or entitled and appearing to have a lack of accountability.

To find out what other actions hiring personnel say can be a deal breaker, view this press release about the survey, which was conducted by CareerBuilder.