Is Money the Most Important Aspect of a Job?

Is Money the Most Important Aspect of a Job? | Talent IntelligenceEmployees may think a higher salary will make them happier at work; newly released data, however, suggests another factor may actually have more of an influence on job satisfaction.

Workers who report being unhappy with their job say they feel compensation has the biggest effect on how pleased they are — or aren’t.

The research, though, that software provider Wrike conducted found employees who describe themselves as mostly happy or elated with their current role actually rate meaningful work as the most important aspect of a job.

Another finding showed employees who have taken a pay cut to boost their happiness are 63 percent more likely to be happy with their job than workers who haven’t.

Both satisfied and unhappy employees ranked the ability to work remotely and/or have flexible hours as the second most important job happiness feature. Management and leadership, office location and a company’s culture and reputation were also identified as influential factors.

For more on whether employees, and men and women specifically, feel that a higher salary, meaningful work and other elements will make them happier at work, view this press release or the extended information Wrike published about the results.