A recent survey suggests many don’t feel completely confident

Is HR Ready for Automation to Increase? - Talent Intelligence Few HR functions are fully prepared to address the organizational change requirements involved in workplace automation, despite the fact it’s expected to surge in the next three years, according to a new global survey from Willis Towers Watson.

Companies anticipate automation will, within that timeframe, account for 22 percent of work being done. Currently, organizations say 12 percent of work is being performed using artificial intelligence and robotics.

A number of survey respondents said their organization was either planning to take action this year or considering measures to prepare for the future, such as identifying tasks that can be automated and reskilling pathways for roles that may be affected.

Some companies have taken more concrete steps. Thirty-one percent, for example, have begun to address workforce planning actions.

Less than 7 percent of organizations, though, say their HR functions are completely ready to handle an increase in automation in the workplace.

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