Other findings include slow C-suite HR growth and which cities pay the most, compared to the average HR salary

stock-photo-digital-composite-of-job-sea-2353544-883856-edited.pngAfter human resources professionals’ third year with a company, HR salaries dramatically decrease, compared to their peers’ pay, according to an analysis HR platform Namely conducted of its 150,000-employee database.

The average HR salary, according to the company’s report, is $98,048. HR salaries in NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle are the highest, in relation to other cities.

The states that offer the biggest HR salaries are Connecticut, Washington D.C., and California.

Other findings include that, although there seems to be a direct link between having an HR executive at the C-level and employee happiness — on one rating site, organizations with an HR executive have a 3.84 rating; the average is 3.3 — just 7 percent of mid-sized companies have a C-suite HR position in place.

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