HR Teams Hit New Staffing High - Talent Intelligence HR departments have reached record staffing levels this year, currently employing 1.4 HR officials for every 100 employees, according to a new report from Bloomberg BNA.

Three in 10 HR offices gained staff, the highest amount in nine years. Just 11 percent experienced personnel cuts.

Funding didn’t fare quite as well; the median HR budget increase was 4.2 percent, the same amount as in 2015. The median HR department expenditure per employee is currently $1,440, $65 higher than last year, but $25 less than in 2014.

HR staffs appear to have solid footing within many organizations. The majority of respondents said their department was either fully (30 percent) or substantially (40 percent) involved in important business decisions, and very few—7 percent—said their HR staff had minimal strategic involvement.

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