hr-professional-search-ambition.pngEighty-three percent of HR practitioners describe themselves as ambitious, compared to 78 percent of the general workforce, according to a recent survey.

HR professionals are also more likely to seek senior management positions; however, just 18 percent aim for a C-suite role, compared to 21 percent of other U.K. employees.

HR workers may not be looking for a top position; however, they seem to experience greater job satisfaction than the average U.K. worker — which the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s magazine, People Management, says may be due to the healthy work-life balance HR professionals generally enjoy.

Sixty-one percent of HR practitioners said their work-life balance was excellent or good; just 51 percent of other U.K. employees felt the same way.

For more information on the survey findings, check out People Management’s recent article on the results.