Workforce analytics are helping to fuel the trend; see the overview and the report below

HR Outsourcing Is Projected to Grow in the Next 4 Years - Talent Intelligence The global human resource outsourcing market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of nearly 9 percent through 2022, according to a new report.

Internationally, as more companies utilize workforce analytics to recruit top talent, the ever-increasing volume and variety of data, along with the complications involved in managing it, have helped prompt HR outsourcing.

Digitization is one of the prominent factors driving human resource outsourcing growth in industries including banking, financial services and insurance; IT; healthcare; retail; hospitality and manufacturing

In 2017, the Americas dominated the global human resource outsourcing market with a 62 percent share. Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Asia-Pacific region had the second and third largest shares of the market in 2017. The Americas are predicted to continue leading the market through 2022.

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