Workers approve of the technology

training-erg-engagementEmployees are ready to take instructions from robots, according to a new study.

However, people generally tend to use AI at work less than at home; 70 percent said they use some form of AI in their personal life, while only 6 percent of HR professionals say they’re actively deploying AI.

More than half of employees believe AI will improve (59 percent). Fifty percent say AI will help enable faster decision-making, and 37 percent feel it could improve employee experience.

HR leaders believe using AI at work will positively impact learning and development (27 percent), performance management (26 percent), compensation/payroll (18 percent) and recruiting and employee benefits (13 percent).

Ninety-three percent of respondents said they’d trust orders from a robot.

For more on HR leaders’ and employees’ opinions, view this information on the Oracle and Future Workplace survey.