Employee engagement is a key incentive

HR Leaders Expect New Employee Onboarding Program Use to Grow - Talent Intelligence The employee onboarding process tends to be fairly short, most often lasting three months or less, according to HR leaders in the Middle East and Africa, Europe and North America.

Onboarding programs that are between a day to a week in length are the second most popular option.

Those timeframes, however, may soon change. With corporate leaders increasingly recognizing onboarding programs’ value, 77 percent of North American HR leaders said in a recent survey that they anticipate the emphasis on onboarding new employees will increase in the next three years.

Other areas of the world also expect to see new employee onboarding efforts intensify. Eighty-four percent of HR leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 75 percent in the Asia-Pacific region feel onboarding new employees will become more of a focus in the future.

Globally, employers’ top onboarding program goal is to engage employees. Engagement is also the primary way companies measure new employee onboarding program performance, followed by employee retention.

For more on HR leaders’ thoughts about the employee onboarding process, view this infographic and additional information about the survey, conducted by SilkRoad.