The ratio of HR professionals’ salaries to other workers’ pay is also at a record level

HR Departments’ Per-Employee Allocation Hits a New High - Talent Intelligence Companies now have a median of 1.5 human resources staff members for every 100 employees — the highest amount in the 40 years BNA, a Bloomberg subsidiary, has been measuring HR data.

Research published in a new report suggests the HR salary ratio, which assesses HR salaries in proportion to the total payroll, also hit an all-time high in the past year, indicating human resources staff members continue to make more than the employees they serve.

In addition, HR spending per employee increased slightly this year; levels, however, remain close to their lowest point in 10 years.

In the past five years, several issues — including employee and workforce satisfaction, compensation competitiveness, training and diversity efforts — have increased in priority, according to the report.

A number of HR departments are also utilizing data analysis. Nearly four out of 10 HR professionals feel their use of HR metrics and analytics is adequate and say it has improved departmental efficiency, reduced costs and helped with decision making.

For more about the report’s departmental priority, HR metrics and analytics and other findings, view this information from Bloomberg BNA’s Bloomberg Law division.