Does your organization know what jobseekers expect?

sincerely-media-3KEFp35FVB0-unsplashThe interactions your company has with job candidates during the recruiting process can influence whether they’ll want to work for your company — and how it’s ultimately viewed in the talent marketplace.

More than two-thirds of jobseekers feel the applicant experience is indicative of how they’ll be treated as an employee, according to a survey from CareerBuilder and SilkRoad.

Unfortunately, research suggests a number of candidates aren’t thrilled with their interactions with potential employers. Candidate resentment, according to recent data from the Talent Board, has increased by 40 percent in North America since 2016.

Throughout the screening and interviewing process, today’s candidates want transparency and communication. Specifically, jobseekers are looking for employers to:

Outline what the candidate experience will involve

Eighty-two percent believe employers should provide a clear hiring timeline and keep them updated throughout the process.

Personally reach out

Sixty-seven percent of jobseekers think they should receive a phone call from a recruiter after they’ve applied for a job. More than a third (39 percent) feel an automatic response isn’t enough to let them know their application was received, according to CareerBuilder data.

Offer feedback

Candidates are more than twice as likely to sever a relationship with a potential employer if they don’t get any feedback by the end of the day after an interview, according to the Talent Board’s 2018 candidate experience report.

The organization’s 2019 survey, however, found giving rejected candidates specific and general feedback on qualifications and job fit can decrease their resentment rate by 29 percent.


Ask for input

When they’re asked for screening or interview process feedback, there is a 148 percent increase in candidates having a great applicant experience — and they’re more willing to expand their relationship with the organization.

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