analyticsAs talent acquisition continues to evolve along with new technologies and shifting workplace needs and dynamics, Talent Intelligence understands the importance of using a data-driven approach to identifying, engaging, and recruiting the best talent available.

In the first two blogs in this series, we gave an introduction into the different ways we categorize employment and talent data as well as the tools we use to put this data to use. In this final blog of the series, we’ll showcase how the data and tools we use can set you apart from your competitors and dramatically decrease the time it takes to fill job vacancies. 

How Can Talent Intelligence’s Suite of Analytic Tools Change the Way I Approach Talent Acquisition? 

For a long time, hiring decisions were mostly made based on the reactions of those involved in the hiring process – reactions to a resume and/or cover letter, reactions to an interview, and reactions to conversations with that candidates list of recommendations or past employers. While this personal element is still an important part of the talent acquisition process, our analytic tools benefit our clients by creating a framework where the client is proactively filling their talent pipeline with potential candidates that fit their criteria based on proven data. The more informed our clients can be about the candidates they choose to pursue for each position, the more evidence-based their reactions and decisions can be when it does come time to interview the individual. 

Another key reason as to why it’s important to emphasize analytics as part of the talent acquisition process is to proactively address issues before they manifest. Having an understanding as to why your company might be struggling to hire or retain diverse talent, for instance, gives you the opportunity to take those issues on immediately and make corrections before you lose additional talent and resources. With the data we can gather for you, not only can we help you identify issues, but we can also help you construct a clear path to finding a solution that addresses the issue head-on. 

What Can Talent Intelligence’s Analytics Teach Me About My Business and Hiring Goals? 

Understanding where you are is the first step. Through our current work force analysis – including metrics from your recruitment process, HR data, employee assessments and surveys, etc. — we can establish a baseline of where you’re at now in many areas, from employee satisfaction and employer brand identity to identifying potential issues like diversity and inclusion concerns or differences in salaries and benefits offered compared to your competitors. 

Once we have this data, we’ll work in tandem with you to review our findings and what they mean. Our analysis of where you are now, when viewed alongside your goals and the data we’ve learned about your industry and the existing talent market, leads us to an understanding of hiring or retention issues you might be facing, or might soon face, as well as highlighting the areas that you can address in order to better achieve your goals. This could include anything from comparing your different hiring sourcing approaches to see what’s been most effective as well as even identifying parts of the process that need to be revised, removed, or reevaluated. 

What Sets Talent Intelligence’s Analytics Tool Apart from the Competition? 

The types of data deemed important, the way that data is viewed and analyzed, and the outcomes that data can create all vary by organization, industry, and client. That’s why Talent Intelligence takes a customized approach to all of our analytics, using a framework and methodology that can work along with your existing systems and data to enhance your talent acquisition. 

Perhaps the best example of this is in our Talent Dashboards. Whereas many firms might offer plug and play dashboards that seem as though they’re unique to your organization, we custom build each of our dashboards for each of our clients individually. This ensures the information they get from these Talent Dashboards directly addresses their unique situation – from their location and industry to their hiring needs and goals.  

This is why we think it’s so critical to analyze where your organization is at now and build realistic goals based off that data. During this process, we can help clients evolve and better establish their talent analytics program, including basic metric development and measurement or even more complex evaluations through predictive modeling. 

We take a comprehensive, consultative, customized approach to analytics using our integrated suite of tools in order to empower you with real, usable talent intelligence. Along with our analytics team and our I/O psychologists, we’ll take the time to understand your data, the problems you are trying to solve, and with your goals and context in mind, utilize all the tools at our disposal to create a unique, actionable solution for you. We take all of this work and all of these systems and put them to use trying to answer your most basic, but oftentimes most difficult questions about your talent acquisition needs: What should I hire for, who should I hire, and where are they? With Talent Intelligence and our analytics and solutions teams as your partner, the answers to these questions become significantly easier to find. 

Put TI’s Analytics to Work for You 

We hope this blog series has given you important insight into the powerful role that data and analytics can play in the talent acquisition process. To learn firsthand how we can help you attract top tier talent, contact us today.