Their experience can have an effect on a company’s reputation

Helping Laid-Off Employees Find Work Could Boost Employer Brand - Talent IntelligenceProviding outplacement services may help strengthen employees’ opinion about their company when workforce restructuring is necessary, according to a new survey.

Organizations that took full advantage of an outplacement service partnership, including manager notification training, received 43 percent better employee opinion ratings than ones that did not.

The survey findings indicate companies may risk alienation and long-term employer brand issues if they neglect to communicate openly with all members of their workforce.

Sixty-one percent of employees at organizations that didn’t offer outplacement services say the exit process during a layoff was not managed well by their employer. Poor notification procedures, according to the research, can make employees feel like the company doesn’t care, and they may share that sentiment with other people.

An employer’s reputation matters to workers and candidates. Eighty-one percent of employees feel it’s extremely or very important. More than half (52 percent) of the survey respondents said they likely would not accept a job offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if it were the only offer they received when faced with economic uncertainty.

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