Could a female-centric board benefit the planet?

Increasing the amount of women in decision-making positions can help corporations – as well as society in general and the environment, according to a new report.

The analysis highlighted findings that indicate, in addition to driving performance, compared to companies with less gender-balanced boards, organizations that have more women on the board tend to prioritize environmental issues and are likely to invest in renewable power, low-carbon products and energy efficiency.

In addition, companies with more women on the board offer a greater amount of goods and services to communities with limited or no access to financial products, according to the report, released by WomenRising2030.

The WomenRising2030 initiative was launched by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, formed to mobilize the private sector to help achieve global goals launched at the United Nations in 2015 involving 17 objectives for eliminating poverty; improving education and health; creating better jobs and tackling key environmental challenges by 2030.

To find out more about the influence women in decision-making positions can have in developing business opportunities that align with the Global Goals, access and read WomenRising2030’s report.