20 percent of U.K. employees would forgo a raise to get a new one

stock-photo-angry-businesswoman-with-meg-687100-328053-edited.pngMore than a third of U.K. employees dread going to work every day — and bad managers are a key reason.

A recently conducted survey found one in five employees hate their job, and 22 percent of workers hate their boss.

One in five U.K. employees say they’d sacrifice a salary increase in exchange for having a bad boss fired. A surprising 12 percent said they’d actually imagined killing their boss, according to the survey.

Bad managers’ behavior, according to employees, presents several issues. Forty-four percent of respondents said they felt their boss had asked them to perform unachievable tasks.

Others mentioned interpersonal issues, such as feeling like their boss had ignored them — a concern for 45 percent of U.K. employees. Just slightly less, 44 percent, felt their boss hadn’t given them enough praise.

Employees had other complaints, in addition to communication complications. Find out what they are from Expert Market, the organization that conducted the survey.