stock-photo-white-modern-room-with-lapto-2270910-393650-edited.pngU.K. workers are divided on the topic, according to new research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Nearly a third feel having remote access to the workplace means they can’t fully disengage during their personal time. Two-fifths say they check their work cell phone or email at least five times a day outside of working hours; working remotely from home or other locations makes nearly a fifth feel as if they are under surveillance.

Seventeen percent say having remote access makes them anxious or even impacts the quality of their sleep.

Other workers, however, disagree. Thirty percent—nearly a third—feel remote access is empowering. More than a third say working remotely from home, during their commute or from other locations makes them more productive.

Learn more about employees’ attitudes about remote work opportunities — and the full survey results — by downloading CIPD’s report.