New survey indicates workers want more work-life balance encouragement from managers

Flex Schedules and Health Initiatives Shown to Influence Job Satisfaction - Talent IntelligenceEmployee health and wellness programs may have a positive impact on performance and retention, according to recently released findings from a survey involving U.S. federal workers.

Sixty-eight percent of workers who participated in an employee health and wellness program or telework/flex schedule exceeded performance standards; 75 to 79 percent were more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, and 66 to 68 percent expressed greater intentions to remain at their agency.

The survey also found the majority (82 percent) of employees feel their immediate supervisor is understanding about their personal needs; however, only about half (47 percent) say their supervisor supports them taking advantage of work-life programs.

A lack of awareness about program availability, according to the survey, among all employees appears to be the primary barrier to employee participation.

For more about employees’ views on wellness initiatives and managerial support — and information on how to promote work-life balance in the workplace — view this information from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.