Talent Intelligence’s approach to your high-volume recruitment needs can save you substantial time and money when compared to standard temporary hire or temp-to-hire processes.

We know that acquiring and maintaining a high-volume staff of hourly workers can take up a bulk of your hiring department’s time, and we understand the appeal that traditional temporary workers or temp-to-hire programs can provide. We also know that there’s a better way. 

Temp-centric options, while often seen as convenient, come with high costs – including wage mark-ups for the temp hiring agency – and high turnover. Our depth of experience in applying data and analytics to hiring management and C-Suite level employees, and our understanding of the industries that most often encounter high-volume hiring needs – areas like industrial and manufacturing, hospitality, shipping and logistics, cleaning and recycling, and agriculture, led us to exploring new methods that could help our partners in these fields. 

The results? 400+ vetted candidates delivered directly each month, an average hiring timespan of just 72 hours from application to interview, and a 33% reduction in cost per hire. 

How do we do this? 

Quality Hires 

This starts with generating optimized job posts – ones that not only correctly describe the job being advertised, but that also outline career development and progression plans and that showcase the company culture. Once we have this job ad, we’ll post it on the top job boards for your industry. While this is happening, we’ll develop a profile of candidates you’ve hired in the past who have succeeded in these positions, and we’ll use this profile to screen each new candidate to ensure they fit your company goals and needs. This means you aren’t just getting qualified candidates, you’re getting individuals who want to work for your company. 


Filling a large number of job openings with quality talent gets significantly harder when other organizations have similar job openings. That’s why partnering with TI can give you a fundamental advantage in a busy marketplace. We firmly believe that your candidates should remain your candidates, regardless of if you hire them today or two months from now. Not only do we advertise job openings exclusively based on your current needs, all candidates who apply are vetted for your organization alone. We never share your candidates, job ads, employee profiles, or any other part of competitive or market intelligence we learn through our partnership with any other organization. 

Streamlined Process 

Your time is valuable, and we want to help you get back to work on areas outside of filling hourly roles. We’ll handle everything, including 

  • Developing job postings 
  • Posting job openings to key job boards  
  • Developing a candidate profile based on existing staff 
  • Screening candidates based on this candidate profile 
  • Scheduling interviews with vetted candidates 
  • Tracking existing candidates for future openings  

This means all you need to handle is the final interview and job offer. By letting us partner with you and take these time-consuming tasks off your plate, you’ll be able to focus on managing your employees and your business tasks, growing your organization with the confidence that comes with having a solid team in place. 

Low Cost Per Hire and Employment Guarantee  

Like all services we offer, we firmly believe in the importance of a transparent fee structure when it comes to high-volume talent acquisition. We’ll work directly with you to develop a pricing structure based on your existing and recurring hiring needs, and we won’t tack on mark ups or fees to the wages earned by your new team members. 

On top of that, we charge based on placement, meaning you can budget with confidence knowing how many positions you want to fill is what dictates cost.  

Optional Analytics 

Are you interested in diving even deeper into your hiring process and learning how to tailor your acquisition efforts to better align with and target your goals? We believe in the power of data and analytics, and we can capture all the critical data points within your recruitment funnel to help guide to help you put a critical eye to each step in the process. Not only will this give you a better understanding of where you stand now, it can provide key reference points to evolve your strategy going forward. 

How Much Could You Save? 

Regardless of the scale of your hourly paid role needs, we’re confident we can save you a sizeable amount of money, all while providing high quality candidates who work for you instead of an outside agency. Contact our solutions team today to see the types of savings possible with our Direct Hire Solutions vs. a traditional temp or temp-to-hire option.