Talent Intelligence provides growing organizations with the skills and tools they need to better evaluate their current and future talent.  

Working closely with an organization’s leadership, we help evaluate talent to gather insight in a structured and consistent way. This process produces information that might not otherwise surface, providing a more complete view of the candidate.

Find out more below about our evaluation services.  

Assessment Services

Assessments enable companies to better understand and develop their talent with a unique insight into the key attributes and characteristics which predict performance and ensure a great fit.

What our Assessment Services gives you:

  • The tools to make informed selection and development decisions
  • Understanding of a candidate’s behavioral tendencies which may not surface in the interview
  • Unbiased guidance and access to a large selection of valid and reliable measures of personality, leadership style, cognitive ability and development

Interview and Reference Guides

Despite best intentions, inherent biases can impact hiring decisions, and key characteristics can be missed that make someone a perfect fit for the role. That is why Talent Intelligence offers guides that ensure consistency across both the interviewing and evaluation of candidates.

What Interview and Reference Guides gives you:

  • Customized, role specific interview questions
  • Guidance and structure throughout the process on how to evaluate the responses and results
  • Interview and evaluation consistency and clarity regardless of who is involved in the process

Executive Reference Check

Talent Intelligence goes beyond standard candidate-solicited reference checks and offer a qualitative-based reference checking solution that minimizes organizational risk relating to key executive hires.

What Executive Reference Check gives you:

  • A blind-reference process that allows you to understand a candidate based on candid feedback from former or current colleagues
  • A deep investigation than goes beyond standard reference checking, which typically are only centered around candidate strengths and time of employment
  • Genuine references rather than referrals from candidate-trusted sources