Leaders expect automation, data analytics to influence operations

stock-photo-digital-composite-of-holding-2464038-543503-edited.pngEuropean small and medium-sized enterprises feel technology will be a critical factor in their future success — 70 percent, in fact, say it is intrinsically linked to their organization’s capacity to thrive, according to a new survey.

Eighty-six percent of European SMEs are currently focusing on improving business agility. Half (51 percent) are specifically introducing new technology to respond faster to trends and opportunities.

In addition, 52 percent of European SMEs say that without the benefits of updated technology in the workplace, they will fail within five years.

A number of organizations are prioritizing technology that directly addresses core employee needs.

Seventy-two percent of small and medium-sized enterprises believe automation will have the most positive impact on business. Sixty-four percent feel data analytics will. Sixty-two percent of European SMEs predict document management technology will have the most significant effect.

For more on enterprises’ thoughts about achieving business agility, view this news update from Ricoh Euro, which commissioned the survey.