The design trends that are shaping today’s workplaces — and how yours might change as a result

Employers Are Designing Office Space for More Activity-Based Working - Talent IntelligenceCompanies are increasingly giving employees alternatives to sitting in a desk chair — including individual focus, open collaboration, café and other nontraditional types of seating, according to a recently released report.

The amount of office square footage allotted for activity-based working has grown in the past two years. The square footage for overall office space, though, held steady — which the report’s sponsor, Ted Moudis Associates, says confirms the limits of office density have been reached, and companies are placing an increased emphasis on employee experience by dedicating more space to different seating options.

Workspaces may continue to change as a number of trends take hold in the coming year.

The architectural and interior design firm predicts offices will sport an increase in semi-enclosed and small focus rooms for one to three occupants; fewer executive suites; an increase in usable office square footage per work seat in activity-based working environments — and a rise in both employer and building-provided amenity and wellness spaces.

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