Find out why acknowledging their contributions can have a major effect

stock-photo-an-office-woman-handling-sim-635734-823798-edited.pngIf you’re hoping to give workers a sense of meaning and purpose, a new survey suggests expanding your employee recognition program may help.

Employee recognition programs, according to the survey results, can be particularly effective when they’re linked to company goals. Ninety-three percent of workers at organizations with recognition programs that are tied to the company’s core values feel they do meaningful work.

At companies without a formal employee recognition program, a lesser amount — 81 percent — of workers think they are doing meaningful work with a sense of purpose.

The survey also found employees appreciate more frequent, diverse feedback.

More than half of the respondents feel collective input gathered from both managers and peers is more likely to improve work performance than feedback solely provided by managers.

Sixty-four percent of workers said feedback is useful when it’s delivered in a quarterly or ongoing process — compared to 45 percent who feel it’s valuable when provided on annual or semi-annual basis.

For more information about the effects connecting employee recognition with company goals and providing other feedback can have, view this press release about Globoforce’s survey results.