But it isn’t their fault

stock-illustration-abstract-blue-pointed-868287-162318-edited.pngMore than 80 percent of employees say miscommunication occurs at their company very frequently; yet only half feel they’re directly involved, according to a new survey.

In actuality, everyone in the organization, the research found, tends to be responsible for workplace communication problems. More than half of respondents felt all employees were responsible for communication breakdowns; 32.5 percent blamed supervisors and managers.

Although 46 percent of employees identified technology as a workplace communication issue, group conversations and meetings were singled out as one of the most likely causes for office communication breakdowns.

More than 55 percent of employees said miscommunication was more likely to occur in group conversations than in one-to-one talks — most often due to individuals interpreting messages and goals differently during team meetings.

For more on office communication, read about the full results from the survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace and Fierce Conversations, here.