Compassion and concern can motivate people to suggest jobseekers

sol-tZw3fcjUIpM-unsplash-1More than a third of workers landed their first job through someone they know or someone who knows one of their acquaintances, according to a new survey

Forty-four percent of employed workers say they were hired at a subsequent job due to an employee connection or a contact who knew someone they knew.

Trust is the primary reason employees are hired through connections, according to more than half (56 percent) of respondents.

Forty-four percent of employed workers said they’d received a job opportunity due to another person’s compassion. Seventy-six percent said they’d helped someone get a job out of concern for the person’s circumstances.

Although that may seem to imply people will recommend a candidate for employment without considering the person’s qualifications, more than three-quarters of the time, the experience has worked out well for both parties, according to the findings.

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