New survey offers insight into the recruiting and hiring process

Employees May Look for a New Job Because They Want a Higher Salary — But That May Not Be What Convinces Them to Take ItThe top elements candidates look for in a job and the factors that influence them to actually accept an offer can differ, according to new research involving recent hires and employees in the U.S. and Canada who’ve turned down a new role in the past year.

When asked to choose up to three reasons they’d look for a new job, salary, not surprisingly, was employees’ top response. Thirty-two percent named work-life balance — the second most popular response — as a key factor.

Thirty percent of survey respondents said job location was a motive for seeking a new position. Twenty-six percent cited opportunities for growth, which earned the fourth spot on the list.

When candidates are considering whether or not to accept an offer for a new job, job location — not salary — has the biggest influence on their decision. Sixty-eight percent said it plays a part.

Employees also said work-life balance and salary (66 percent) were two of the most important factors in choosing a job, followed by their impression of the company’s management (59 percent).

For more on how jobseekers view the recruiting and hiring process, view this additional information about the survey, conducted by Ceridian and Hanover Research.