stock-photo-digital-composite-of-disappo-2533508-451229-edited.pngTwenty-nine percent of employees believe their skill set is redundant or will be in the next year or two — and more than a third say their digital skills will be redundant in four to five years, according to a new report.

Nearly half of employees are currently investing time and money outside of the office to develop digital skills.

Redundancy concerns, combined with a lack of faith in an organization’s ability to help its employees keep their skill set current, have the potential to trigger employee attrition, according to the report’s authors, Capgemini and LinkedIn.

More than half of digitally talented employees (55 percent) say they are willing to move to another company if they feel their digital skills are stagnating at their current employer. Close to half (47 percent) are likely to gravitate towards organizations that offer better digital skill development.

Companies are aware digital skill concerns are putting them at risk for employee attrition. Just over half of employers, 51 percent, believe personnel will leave after they receive training. However, half of employers say their digital skills training sessions are not well attended.

Despite the widening digital talent gap — which more than half of companies say is affecting their competitive advantage — budgets for training digital talent have remained flat or decreased for more than half (52 percent) of organizations.

Fifty percent say they keep talking about the digital talent gap — but aren’t doing much to bridge it. For more on the report’s findings, view this press release.