A new survey says employers want software tools to increase communication.

stock-photo-young-handsome-caucasian-wom-1720540-627894-edited.pngSeventy percent of businesses around the world have employees who work from home or team members who are spread across several sites, according to a new survey.

Challenges can arise, however, from having employees working remotely — including a lack of communication with colleagues, a lack of input into operations, difficulties measuring productivity and employees not having full access to files, documents and other resources.

Eighty-five percent of companies say they need employees who work outside the office and are spread across different locations to do more than just message each other through a simple chat application.

Seventy-three percent of companies say they need collaborative tools that increase productivity by tying communication to specific business tasks, such as coordinating teams’ workflow, tracking progress, aligning goals and meeting deadlines.

For more on what employers say they need to facilitate employees working remotely, view this press release from Clarizen, which sponsored the survey.