Sometimes, though, their reaction can feel a little bit cold

Employees Are Divided About This Hot Issue - Talent IntelligenceEmployees are waging a workplace war; but not because of politics, promotions or other common points of contention — they’re battling over office temperature.

Forty-six percent of workers say their office is either too hot or too cold, according to a new survey, which suggests office temperature can be one of the factors that affect employee performance.

More than half — 51 percent — feel sitting in an office that is too cold impacts their productivity. Sixty-seven percent say sitting in an office that is too warm has the same effect.

Fifteen percent of workers say they’ve argued with a coworker about the temperature in the office. More women than men have faced off about the degree level — 22 percent, compared to 7 percent, respectively.

Nearly one in five employees say they’ve covertly changed the office temperature during the summer. Thirteen percent have made it cooler; 6 percent adjusted the temperature in the office so the room seemed warmer.

To find out which gender feels the workplace is too hot — and which industry complains the most about the cold — peruse this press release from CareerBuilder.