Fewer sick days and increased productivity are potential program benefits

Employee Wellness Programs Are Making Workers More Health-Conscious - Talent IntelligenceMore than half (53 percent) of workplace wellness program participants say the initiatives have had a positive impact on their health — and the majority of employees without a company wellness program want one, according to recently released survey results.

Eighty-eight percent of workers said their employee wellness program has helped them pay more attention to their health.

Sixty-seven percent attributed weight loss to the program; 62 percent said it helped escalate their productivity at work, and 56 percent said it reduced their amount of sick days. Thirty percent felt their company wellness program helped them detect disease.

Seventy-three percent of workers whose employer did not offer a wellness program expressed interest in participating in a health-based initiative. Baby boomers in particular supported the idea; 85 percent say they’d like their company to sponsor an employee wellness program.

For more information on employees’ feelings about workplace wellness programs, view this information from UnitedHealthcare, which conducted the survey.