Companies aren’t fully integrating today’s tech capabilities into employee-facing services, according to a new report from enterprise cloud company ServiceNow.

Enterprise services were viewed as less favorable due to outdated technologies that can reduce productivity. Thirty-seven percent of companies, for example, say they use mostly manual services, such as email, phone and meetings, to get work done.

Just 19 percent said those enterprise services were delivered quickly, compared to 65 percent of respondents who noted customer-facing services’ delivery speed.

Sixty-six percent of managers say manual enterprise services used in the workplace leave them less time for strategic initiatives — and can also lower productivity or cause stress.

For more on ServiceNow’s findings, download its “Today’s State of Work: The Service Experience Gap” report.

After asking more than 2,400 managers in six countries to rate their experiences with common enterprise services, compared to a customer-facing service (such as Uber or Airbnb), ServiceNow found that managers generally felt a customer-facing services outpaced the enterprise services they deal with in several ways — including ease of use and delivery speed.