Finding new hires and managing workers are also key concerns


For the third consecutive year, HR leaders named retention and turnover as their top workforce management challenge in a survey sponsored by the WorkHuman Research Institute at Globoforce.

Forty-seven percent of HR leaders say employee retention and turnover can be problematic. Recruiting workers is their second biggest challenge, followed by culture management.

The survey also found adopting a people-centric culture in regard to employee management — including elements such as ongoing peer feedback, employee recognition programs tied to the company’s core values and frequent performance reviews — can help build trust in the workplace and establish a sense of belonging and respect.

Employee recognition programs, specifically, can help improve a number of aspects, including employee relationships, according to 86 percent of HR leaders, and organizational culture, according to 85 percent.

In addition, employees at companies with diversity and inclusion programs and a people-centric culture are more likely to feel like they belong and believe diversity is truly valued by the company.

For more about the survey findings, view this information from Globoforce.