stock-photo-elderly-caucasian-male-execu-740651-876212-edited.pngAlthough various generations can have different workplace preferences, 82 percent of professionals say they would be comfortable reporting to a manager who’s younger than they are, according to a new survey.

Employees also seem to be open to the possibility of being a young manager: 91 percent say they wouldn’t mind managing older employees.

Survey respondents did, however, suggest there may be some issues involved in having a young manager; work ethics or values (according to 26 percent of professionals) and leadership or learning styles (22 percent) were identified as the biggest challenges.

Using technology in different ways was the top struggle involved in managing older employees.

For more on which generation is most open to having a younger boss, what age group may be ready to manage up and other information, view OfficeTeam’s blog post and press release about the survey results.