millenial-youth-job-problem.pngA third of U.K.16- to 21-year-olds aren’t confident they’ll find a job in the next few years, according to research from the Chartered Management Institute and the EY Foundation.

As a result, the two organizations plan to create a framework, which would include incorporating a work-oriented syllabus for students age 11 to 18 into the national curriculum, to help employers and schools increase job opportunities.

The groups are suggesting schools and employers work together to offer activities such as employer speaking programs and extended work placements and show support for career pathways outside of higher education.

The EY Foundation and CMI plan to set up roundtables across the U.K. to determine what the school-to-work syllabus should look like.

For more on the skills and other attributes the two organizations have identified as being crucial, view the report on CMI’s website.