Allowing employees to telecommute from certain settings can be a concern

Could Remote Work Opportunities Be Putting Your Company at Risk? - Talent IntelligenceSmall businesses may face a security threat due to employees who work remotely and log in from external locations, according to a new report.

Because remote work opportunities are important to a number of workers, allowing employees to telecommute may help employers attract and retain valued talent.

More than half of the U.K. and U.S. employees who were surveyed for the report, for instance, say they’d rather take a pay cut than be confined to an office. An additional 12 percent would choose working remotely from home over a pay increase, even if it were as high as 25 percent.

Respondents also indicated remote work opportunities have a positive effect on how they view and perform their job. Thirty-four percent feel working remotely makes them happier, and 32 percent say it helps them enjoy their what they do. More than a third (38 percent) of employees who work from home are more productive.

One in five remote employees feel they’re most productive specifically when working in a public place such as a café or library – which could, unfortunately, potentially cause problems for their employer.

As the report notes, workers accessing sensitive data or logging into business accounts through unsecured Wi-Fi can put companies at risk for a cyber attack. Only 18 percent of employees, however, are concerned about the security implications working from a public place may present.

To find out more about the considerations involved in employees working remotely from home, coffee shops or other locations, read about or download a copy of the report, which was released by security product provider Avast in mid-November.