Is HR struggling to send the right information?

Company CEOS Want Better HR Reporting - Talent IntelligenceMost CEOs (94 percent) consult with human resources before they make business decisions, and HR’s role in business planning is significant at 91 percent of organizations — yet some HR departments are having a hard time delivering precise, timely information.

New research found 69 percent of CEOs in the U.K. and Ireland feel they may need improvements in the timeliness of HR reporting. Sixty-three percent say they would like more accurate reports.

In general, more than three quarters (77 percent) of CEOs say they’d like to receive more data from HR.

The time it takes HR departments to create reports may be a contributing factor. More than a third say it takes them over a day each month; more than 10 percent spend more than a week a month on HR reporting.

The information HR professionals are gathering may also not be exactly what company CEOs need to make business decisions and fully inform the board.

Only 70 percent of HR professionals are tracking employee absence and attendance; just 58 percent can provide information on staff training, and only 61 percent can offer recruitment-related data.

Half can provide career progression information, and less than half (49 percent) say they track staff retention.

For more about the circumstances that are causing current HR reporting issues, view this information about the research, which was conducted by NGA Human Resources.