HR is turning to recruiters for assistance with the process

Company Boards Want HR Departments To Focus on Recruiting - Talent Intelligence

More than a third (39 percent) of businesses are now hiring their staff directly, the highest amount in five years — with recruiting agencies focusing on adding value and dealing with complexity for organizations, according to a new survey of HR professionals from 30 countries.

The survey also found company boards view recruitment as the most important issue HR should address. Company boards named developing leadership and engagement as the second and third most important HR concern.

Employer brands remain a priority for HR professionals; 71 percent of respondents listed building an employer brand as very important in regard to recruitment.

More organizations say they’re also implementing performance management programs to help employees once they’re on board; 36 percent of respondents said their organization was incorporating a performance management program across their workforce, compared to 25 percent previously.

For more on trends relating to HR departments, company boards and recruiting agencies, view this information about the survey, conducted by Harvey Nash.