Could your bottom line benefit from workers giving more input?

stock-photo-business-startup-and-people--2011099-043594-edited.pngTo drive business innovation and growth, company decision-makers need to foster an environment where employees are able to solve problems and generate fresh ideas, according to a new survey involving Canadian business leaders.

Some organizations, however, are reportedly finding that challenging.

Business decision-makers feel creativity is a valuable asset — 88 percent believe motivating and empowering employees to be creative is an important part of producing a successful workplace.

One in four business leaders, however, say it’s one of their greatest challenges.

The survey also found that, due to changing employee expectations, globally distributed teams and other factors, some organizations may also face cultural and technological changes. The majority — 84 percent — believe modernizing how employees work, including introducing flexible hours and work arrangements, is another important element that contributes to a company’s success.

More than half — 55 percent — of business decision-makers rank redesigning office space to have fewer walls and more collaborative spaces as very important. Sixty-five percent say designing a digital environment that includes upgraded technologies to improve business processes is their highest priority.

To find out more about the research, view this information from Microsoft and Ipsos.