Allowing employees to telecommute could boost productivity, retention and other key elements

Companies May Benefit from Offering Remote Work Opportunities - Talent IntelligenceTechnological advancements, globalization and changing expectations have helped fuel an increase in employees working remotely, according to a new global survey, which found 70 percent work somewhere other than the office at least one day a week.

Fifty-three percent work remotely for half of the week or more, and more than one in 10 (11 percent) work outside of their company’s main office location five times a week.

Employees are able to reduce their commute; the survey suggests employers, too, can benefit from the practice.

Eighty percent of companies said it helps them retain top talent; 64 percent are now offering remote work opportunities to help them recruit new employees. More than half (58 percent) agreed that offering flexible working options improves job satisfaction.

Eighty-two percent of businesses felt having employees working remotely helped increase productivity. Eighty-seven percent said allowing employees to telecommute made the company more competitive, an increase from 59 percent in 2014. Eighty-nine percent believe it helped contribute to business growth, a 22 percent increase compared to 2016.

For additional information, learn more about the findings and download a copy of the survey, which involved 18,000 professionals working in 96 countries, from IWG, which sponsored the research.