Find out how HR application use is expected to change in the next year

stock-photo-business-people-cloud-comput-1833366-034717-edited.pngClose to 40 percent of organizations of all sizes have core HR applications in the cloud, and even more plan to move items in the future, according to a new survey.

Two years ago, 68 percent of organizations had at least one HR process in the cloud. This year, 73 percent do. Nearly a third of the companies that are still using on-premise HR applications are actively planning a migration to the cloud in the next 12 to 18 months.

Half of the organizations that were surveyed linked their cloud implementation to an increase in the use of self-service tools for HR processes, with 52 percent reporting more employee usage. Forty-seven percent said managers use self-service HR technology tools more regularly.

The increased process automation and innovation that resulted from moving to the cloud offered some companies a savings boost. Twenty percent saw a decrease in HR personnel costs.

For more results from the HR technology survey, conducted by PwC, visit the company’s website.