College Graduates Are Focused on Finding Meaning and Purpose at Work

College Graduates Are Focused on Finding Meaning and Purpose at Work - Talent IntelligenceToday’s graduates want to feel like the job they perform has meaning — yet fewer than half believe their post-graduation positions do, a new survey has found.

Eighty percent of the college graduates who were surveyed say it’s important to derive a sense of purpose from their role. Thirty-seven percent feel it’s very important; 43 percent view having a job with some significance as extremely important.

The research found that aligning the work graduates do with their interests, strengths and values can help them experience a strong sense of purpose in regard to their job — and that employees who do are nearly 10 times more likely to have higher overall well-being than those who don’t feel their role has much significance.

Only 38 percent of employees, however, say they’re finding meaning and purpose at work.

For more on how graduates feel about their job’s importance, and how universities could be better preparing college students for the workforce, view this information about the survey from Bates College and Gallup.