tech-people-value.pngSixty-seven percent of CEOs say technology will create greater value in the future than people will, according to a new global study from Korn Ferry.

Nearly as many — 63 percent — say in five years, technology assets will be their organization’s greatest competitive advantage resource.

The findings, which Korn Ferry says indicate leaders aren’t putting the appropriate focus on the value of employees, also revealed CEOs didn’t even include their workforce on their list of what the organization’s top five assets would be five years from now.

Instead, in addition to technology, leaders ranked research and development and innovation; products and services; their brand and their company’s real estate as their anticipated future strengths.

Technology is, in fact, becoming so central to CEO’s thinking and execution that they say it occupies 40 to 60 percent of their priorities on strategic focus, financial investment and C-suite time. Forty percent say they’ve experienced shareholder pressure to direct investment in the organization toward technology assets and other tangible resources.

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