Future candidates for the position also may not be prepared

roland-samuel-jsMb895HTxY-unsplash-1Few chief people officers feel they have the skills they’ll need to meet the emerging demands their position requires, according to a new survey involving C-suite members from various industries and countries.

Virtually all respondents — 99 percent — say they believe CPOs must have both the agility and skill required to evolve with the chief people officer role. However, only 35 percent believe today’s CPOs are ready to respond to future needs.

Digital skills, learning and reskilling, and data science were top three areas survey respondents feel CPOs needed further development in.

More than nine in 10 C-suite members say it’s important to explore accelerating the growth and development of future CPOs. Only just over a third (35 percent), though, feel future CPOs are currently receiving the development help they’ll need to succeed in the chief people officer role.

For more on the survey, conducted by Willis Towers Watson, and to download a copy of the related report, view this summary of the findings.