future-two-roads-talentmgmt.pngAlthough 84 percent of C-suite leaders feel confident their industry is prepared for potential workplace changes, 43 percent of staff-level employees do not, according to a recent survey involving full- and part-time employees across all functions.

Staff members and C-suite executives differ most on how they view the company’s sentiment toward stakeholders.

Staff-level employees are about half as likely as C-suite leaders to feel confident about their company’s loyalty to workers; staff members are also 38 percent less likely to have faith in their organization’s ethical leadership.

Staff-level employees also feel 36 percent less confident than C-suite leaders that their company is hiring the right people and 32 percent less sure it’s retaining top talent.

Find out more about what C-suite and staff members anticipate from the press release about the survey, which was conducted by Addison Group.