Customers want constant contact, which automated responses can provide

ramon-salinero-271002-unsplash-1With 60 percent of consumers expecting to be able to engage at any time with organizations, companies are increasingly using automation to communicate with them — and to streamline internal operations, according to a recent survey involving 18 countries.

While automating responses can help ensure businesses are meeting and understanding customer needs and expectations, the survey found achieving the right balance between human engagement and automation is key.

Half of consumers said they would engage less with brands that fully replace human engagement channels with digital alternatives such as chatbots or online self-service options.

The survey findings also suggest workers are increasingly accepting AI and automation in the workplace. Seventy-one percent are in favor of using technology to replace manual and laborious tasks, and 69 percent of workers say they believe technology will enhance, not replace their job.

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) believe automation will help reduce their workload and their amount of stress.

To find out more about consumer expectations and AI and automation use in business, view this press release about the survey, which was conducted by Verint Systems.