Some employees are disregarding company hardware and software decisions

ui8-199275-unsplash - Talent IntelligenceTension is mounting between IT professionals and other departments, according to a new report, over the types of technology used in the workplace.

Brand loyalty is prompting business teams to insist on using specific devices, software and other technological tools — challenging IT departments’ ability to remain in control of security and systems.

The majority of employees (63 percent) who were surveyed and 42 percent of teams said they feel a sense of loyalty toward certain technology products — and they don’t want the IT department dictating what types of office technology they have to use.

Fifty-three percent of employees said either they or another team of employees have pushed back on the IT department or management when it tried to determine how they should be using technology in the workplace.

More often than not, business teams prevail: 46 percent say IT made an exception for them. Even when IT professionals instruct employees to use a certain type of technology, more than 1 in 10 still use the technology products of their choice in defiance.

For more about the types of office technology employees want to use — and what the IT department thinks — view this information about the report.