recruiting-star-strategy.pngWith the continued pressure companies face to find qualified talent — almost all respondents in a September Jobvite survey said they expected recruiting to be as challenging or more difficult in 2017 — the need to differentiate yourself from competitors remains strong.

Adopting a marketing-based approach to recruitment could be a solution.

It’s not entirely uncommon in the hiring realm. Sixty-nine percent of HR directors and decision makers, in fact, feel recruiters’ role is shifting to an online marketer role, according to a survey from Connexys.

Traditionally, product marketing efforts have centered on four principles — often referred to as the four Ps of marketing: product, place, promotion and price. When each element is carefully considered, reason suggests commercial marketing efforts will be successful.

The same theory holds true for the talent market. To craft an engaging campaign that will attract top candidates, consider revamping your recruiting strategy with the following classic marketing philosophies:


3-7-16_blog_1.jpgDetermining whether or not your product offering is strong involves examining your employer brand — and ensuring it conveys the unique employee value proposition your company offers. Are the amenities you offer, including company culture and compensation, in line with what other organizations are offering?


Your location plays a part in your overall employee value proposition. Can the local market provide the skill sets you need? If not, can you successfully convince current employees to move to a new area? Our tips on making employee relocation work can help ensure it’s a smooth transition.


If you’re confident your employer brand involves a solid set of attributes, do your marketing efforts involve the right channels? Social media sites, e-newsletters, email blasts and your company website are good places to start. Consider creating a multidepartment effort to spread the word: Teams made up of HR, marketing and communication professionals are increasingly managing employer branding efforts, according to Employer Brand International research involving more than 19 countries and regions.


4-12-16_acp.jpgCompanies’ average cost-per-hire is $4,129, according to a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey. If you’re spending significantly less on your recruitment process, and not getting the results you want, it may be time to reconsider where you’re investing funds — and what methods could be more effective.

You may want to also try an addition recruiting strategy (or two). Our tips on how to reap passive recruiting’s many benefits, launch smarter social media recruiting initiatives and incorporate big data into the hiring process may prove helpful.

If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out this roundup of success stories from companies that have run revolutionary recruitment campaigns.