stock-photo-boss-scolding-a-shameful-emp-1996544-185067-edited.pngNearly half — 47 percent — of the U.K. workforce plans to seek out a new employer in 2018, according to a recently released survey.

One in five U.K. employees are already actively searching for a job.

Bad managers are a major factor. Forty-nine percent of U.K. workers say poor management is influencing their decision to look for a new job.

Forty-eight percent want a different job because they feel they can get more satisfaction elsewhere.

Forty-three percent believe they can get more money in another role; 29 percent of U.K. workers intend to look for a new job because they feel their current employer doesn’t value their skills.

Find out more about the annual survey, conducted by Investors in People, on the accreditation provider’s website.