Are Your Employees Actively Searching for a Job?

rawpixel-1080864-unsplash-1Only slightly more than half (53 percent) of workers across the globe have a high or somewhat high intent to remain with their current employer — a decline from 2018’s first quarter, when 60 percent said they expected to stay in their position, according to Gartner’s latest Global Talent Monitor report.

Worldwide, employees’ interest in working for their current employer has declined for five consecutive business quarters.

In the U.K., the number of employees who want to stay in their current position has fallen sharply over the past 12 months. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, 23 percent of U.K. employees indicated they only have a low intent to remain with their employer — a 13 percent increase compared to a year ago.

In Germany, the number of workers who are looking for a new job rose three percent from 2018’s second quarter. The amount of employees who report they have a strong intent to stay in their current position has dropped nearly 15 percentage points over the last three years.

Encouraged by low unemployment rates and ample available positions, U.S. employees are also now more actively searching for a job.

To find out more about each country’s specific employment situation, view this information about Germany, this write-up about U.K. employees — and this press release on the report’s U.S. employee-related findings.